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It’s hard to know what to do with the best of the best links in the world. This list brings together what I feel is most important in undersea intervention, and will be continually updated. Feel free to send along anything relevant to explore@www.oceanopportunity.com and I’ll add it to this list…

Links & Information Downloads

regulatory/membership organizations
.: American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS)
.: Association of Diving Contractors (ADC)
.: Marine Technology Society (MTS)
.: Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments
.: Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
.: Marine & Oceanographic Technology Network (MOTN)
.: Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE)

.: NOAA Dive Program
.: NOAA Undersea Research Program (NURP)
.: NOAA’s Office for Ocean Exploration
.: NOAA’s Caribbean Marine Research Center

training agencies & organizations
.: International Training Inc. (TDI/SDI)


for the diver
.: Free Planner Software
.: V-Planner Software
.: DivePlan Software
.: GAP Deco Software
.: HL Planner VPM-B Software
.: DecoChek

for the benthic scientist
.: NIH Image
.: NOVA’s CPCE Software
.: MSEL Vidana v1.0
.: UNESCO Bilko
.: Point Count 99
.: Point Count for Coral Reefs
.: ImageJ
.: Skipper
.: ILWIS GIS software

for the Life System Developer
.: Lenox Laser orifice calculator
.: LMNOEngineering flow calculator
.: Swagelock cV calculator

Useful Literature (from Amazon)

for the diver
.: diving technology
.: scientific diving
.: technical diving
.: exploration diving
.: diving medicine

for the benthic scientist
.: marine science
.: marine biology & ecology
.: marine protected areas
.: marine life identification

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