Oceans of Opportunity

two of my favorite things

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiNational Geographic’s recent ‘Naked Science’ episode on cities under the sea touched on two of my favorite things…Lego’s and diving! Colleagues and explorers Dennis Chamberland and Lloyd Godson were featured in the episode, as they are making huge strides in exploration, making a frontier push, and redefining the social and psychological limitations of humans as we take steps closer to a new life in the sea.

Guys-keep up the great work!

The implications on our species for a new life in the sea range from enormous to unfathomably earth shattering. While we may have had just a glimpse of living and working underwater since the 1960’s, the guys and gals out there now are doing so with a renewed focus – that being true range extension of our species – which is out of necessity, and is our destiny considering our rather small current role on this watery planet.

To learn more about Dennis’ work, visit http://www.underseacolonies.com/
To learn more about Lloyd’s work visit http://www.lloydgodson.com/
And yes, I’ll be right there behind them: http://underseacolony.com/core/bio_lombardi.html

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