Oceans of Opportunity

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'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiIf you’re reading this, then I suppose we all made it through. The last baktun came to an end, and the next one is underway. Rather than call it an end, call it a new beginning…

All of the December 21st hype is a good thing in many ways, as it reminds us all of the cyclical nature of life here on Earth, and out there in the Universe. We are all a tiny part of a massive balance, with a purpose yet fulfilled.

I believe that this next human cycle will be one of identifying and then demonstrating our true purpose. We’ve seen small pieces of this slowly emerging with ambitious explorations and demonstrations of human capacity – jumps from the stratosphere, dives to the bottom of the ocean, and so on.

At one point in ancient history, humans were capable of more than sitting in front of the TV while playing video games and eating potato chips. There was a dramatic synergy between mind, body, and soul that enabled powerful interconnectivity between and amongst people and the environment. It’s still within us all, and I think a few inspirational and motivational projects will begin to unveil those internal elements yet again.

In the meantime, while the hype washes away until the next proposed cataclysm, life life to the fullest – that’s about all you can do.

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