Oceans of Opportunity

the seaman’s worst nightmare, and a salvor’s dream

'A New Life in the Sea' by Michael LombardiMaking a living in the marine and maritime industries, the forecast of a major storm is bittersweet. The outskirts of Hurricane Earl are headed our way here in New England, marking the first storm posing any even potentially significant threat in over five years. While I wish fellow mariner’s safe sails and waterfront communities ample time to board up, I also eagerly await the aftermath.

This of course, sounds terrible, and it is. However, it is also the nature of this industry, and it may very well be that this seemingly continuum of environmental disasters striking the US as of recently provides the true ‘stimulus’ that our economy has been hopeful for. With coastal assets and waterfront development at risk, we are sternly warned and reminded that our place on this planet is a small one. It is the ocean, and its torrent of forces that rule.

The irony in this is that we, humans, are at the root cause for these man-made and ‘natural’ phenomena. Earth is responding to us, and in a big way. It’s on all of us to start listening.

To those who encounter Earl, I wish you sail safe, and find safe harbors. For those taking him head-on, our paths may cross – sailor, and salvor. Share 
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