Oceans of Opportunity

Ocean Politics…Here to Stay

President Obama, we have high hopes for you in the area of ocean policy.

In answering a question in Science Debate 2008, President Obama states,

“Oceans are crucial to the earth’s ecosystem and to all Americans because they drive global weather patterns, feed our people and are a major source of employment for fisheries and recreation. As president, I will commit my administration to develop the kind of strong, integrated, well-managed program of ocean stewardship that is essential to sustain a healthy marine environment.”

Sounds like he gets it. We need action. The Bush Presidency did a number in drastically reducing federally supported ocean research and innovation programs. And yet, he closes his second term with one of the most significant acts in ocean conservation – setting aside a huge area in the Pacific as a marine reserve.

Politics, politics, politics…

On the eve of inauguration day, there is so much to be considered at a multitude of levels. All we can hope for is a step forward for the ocean, and a man in office that will keep his word.

Congratulations President Obama! Our first ‘Blue President’!

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