Oceans of Opportunity

The New World Ecology

About ten years ago, I offered a lecture at a science symposium that was geared towards the concept of a ‘business of exploration’ and ‘business of science’. Indeed, it was perhaps misplaced and a better target for a literacy or education type summit, and I was criticized for it. However, the presentation served its purpose in encouraging some outside the box thinking when considering seeking alternative funding sources for hard science. It all starts with communication, and reaching not only an interested audience, but one that will reap the benefits of your work.

In these past ten years, we’ve seen the emergence of social networking. First, as personal virtual meeting places; and then with ‘communities’ having well established themselves with definable demographics – there is quantifiable value in using these new world tools in defining the ecology of our species, and communicating with them. From a business consideration, skip the paper, handouts, mailers, door-knocking, and cold-calls – dig deep enough, and you will find your target online.

The below link is a recent example of successful exploration e-literacy from NASA using the app Twitter:

NASA Tweeting on Twitter from CNN

Be warned however, don’t set out while blinded by an infinite reach…stay focused, be clear and concise, and don’t forget to walk your talk. This is our future.

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