Oceans of Opportunity

LEGOLAND® underwater record

G’day mate”…Australian Explorer Lloyd Godson is at it again, making waves in the realm of undersea habitation. In the past 50 or so years since the concept was really addressed from a practical standpoint, Lloyd is among the very few who have taken the incremental approach to ‘living on the edge’ and bringing it to the public in real time.

LEGOLAND® underwater record

“Previously known for his Biosub Project, Lloyd is now undertaking another demonstration in undersea living…that is generating his own electricity. This, coupled with his previous work in Biosub demonstrates, at a small yet sustainable scale, that we humans can live, work, and play underwater with some degree of permanence – without surface support.

This is a huge deal.

This project is particularly interesting to me, as Lloyd is combining two of my favorite things…Lego’s and diving! (I still like to think I invented SCUBA Lego’s back in 1984/85, but that’s a topic for another discussion)

The underwater community is indeed a small one, and our current motivations are often influenced and inspired by common ancestry. Lloyd and I share a history at Lee Stocking Island, where John Perry Jr., prior owner of the island, played an instrumental role in the early manned undersea research programs that later became NOAA’s Undersea Research Program (NURP). In fact, LSI was home to some of the earliest life in the sea programs that paved our way to today, and are sure to influence the life in the sea that is yet to come…

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