Oceans of Opportunity

just for kids!

It’s never too early to dive in and learn about the ocean. After all, the future health of our ocean is up to the next generation of explorers. Below are a number of popular fun and educational ocean activities and resources, for kids!

SeaSky.org is a website that brings its visitors a glimpse at the Splendors of the Sea and Wonders of the Universe. This site is PACKED with excellent information for all Sea & Sky enthusiasts.

No other sea dweller can make you smile like a clownfish. Visit Nemo’s webpage and the fantastic Underwater Classroom to discover more about the coral reef.

Sponge Bob, SQUARE-PANTS! Dive down to Bikini Bottom to visit Sponge Bob and the gang. Click here!

Lego’s Aquaraiders offer the perfect mix of imagination with exploration.

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