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Expedition Announced | In TOTO Deep – November 12 – 21

Ocean Opportunity is pleased to announce its support of the forthcoming expedition entitled ‘2010 | in TOTO deep’. The project is setting out to document the deepwater reef systems of the Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas.
The Tongue of the Ocean can be seen along the ...Image via Wikipedia

The team will utilize advanced diving modes to explore to depths in excess of 120 meters, with the intent of acquiring high definition video and high resolution still imagery of the natural history of this alien environment. This information will be organized to serve as a future scientific catalyst, and to provide a window into this unique ecosystem for the public. Additionally, this work will contribute to refining operational procedures for ‘working’ in this environment.

The expedition is currently supported by the following:

Ocean Opportunity Inc.
University of Connecticut
Small Hope Bay Lodge
Shearwater Research
Molecular Products

Many opportunities exist for sponsorship and support. This will be a highly visible community-wide event, offering great opportunities for cooperative support.

Visit www.oceanopportunity.com/BahamaDeep.html for more information about this expedition.

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