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Every Voice Matters

Bright and early this morning, before the AM coffee, I stumbled up the below CNN video of several schoolchildren reading letters to President-Elect Obama which outline their concerns for the environment.

Embedded video from CNN Video

I applaud all of the schoolteachers, parents, kids, and media who worked together to make this happen. Today’s tools in mass media and communications afford every citizen to make their voice heard. Let’s use these tools.

What struck so deeply is that these are the heartfelt thoughts and opinions of kids…the generation that not only has to deal with our mess, but the generation that is being raised and educated during our planet’s most trying times. We should listen carefully.

We’re so moved by this effort, that Ocean Opportunity would like to invite those interested to submit similar video or letters that are a call out to protect the oceans.

Please send all video, letters, drawings, etc to:

Ocean Opportunity
PO Box 603319
Providence, RI 02906

Be sure to include the student’s name, school name, and a contact address with all materials submitted.

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