Oceans of Opportunity

DAN’s 2008 Technical Diving Workshop

It takes time to make change.

When I started technical diving in 1998, it was a community of self-proclaimed experts(rightfully so in most cases) who were each very successful in their own right in accessing the previously inaccessible by taking progressive strides in adopting new technologies and techniques. As new interest grew in this type of diving, the greater community had to evolve as well to meet growing needs.

Ten years later, a true mark of progress. The Divers Alert Network hosted their Technical Diving Workshop which brought together the best and brightest to discuss where we’ve been, the challenges of today, and where we are likely to go.

The Workshop presentations can be accessed here:

DAN Technical Diving Workshop 2008

We are on the brink of a major change…across all of society, and the ocean is going to play a major part in this change. Those of us willing to evolve our abilities to adapt to the ocean will have a major advantage, as life draws ever closer to a new life in the sea.

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