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Blue Hole expedition a success

Our December 5-9 expediiton to the blue holes of the Bahamas was a success. Over three very full days in the field, my guide Brian Kakuk, of Bahamas Underground and the Bahama Caves Research Foundation, provided an insiders view of the scientific and cultural significance of the blue holes. Over the course of 6 dives into the cave systems, video was recorded documenting crocodile and tortoise fossils, blind cave fish, remipedes, and speleotherms dating back over 250,000 years old. This footage will be compiled into a brief educational film in 2009 by Ocean Opportunity.

For more information about Bahamian blue holes, visit:

.: Bahama Caves Research Foundation
.: Bahamas Underground
.: the Rob Palmer Blue Holes Foundation
.: Dr. Iliffe’s Cave Biology site

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