Oceans of Opportunity

Knots for a Life on the Sea

BLOGICONOne cannot underestimate the importance of a proper knot.

As a diver, we use knots each and every day both above and below water. It only takes one slip up to be forced to learn a few good knots, as a slip up might not just cost you or a job money, but it could cost a life. So, for no other reason than summing it up in one place, the following are my knot recommendations for every diver and man or woman of the sea…learn them upside down, backwards, and blindfolded and they’ll serve you well…

Well, those are my go-to almost everyday.

In close, I’ll leave you with some prose from My Providence:


knot for naught

One slip, one slide
will spoil a ride.
Lines tight, strong hold,
proceed and be bold.
Callous, not careless,
your salt has taught well.
Tie knots for well-being,
not just stronghold.

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