Oceans of Opportunity

build it, break it, steal it…

The mantra of the commercial diver and maritime professional.

Having just finished a rather significant diving project, working with some charismatic individuals, this credo of the professional diver was breathed new life. It is almost as if this mild form of piracy is what sustains our livelihood. Whatever it takes to get the job done…the thought process of the salty dog will get you through.

On one hand, it’s a testament to operating while resource limited or depleted and meeting difficult task loads. On the other hand, it is a sad realization that this behavior is necessary to meet the required workloads given the lack of understanding or support from the powers that be. And so the world turns…

A little salt goes a long way. To all who venture to sea with a seasoned vet for even a short period of time, there will undoubtedly be life lessons learned that you would never had thought imaginable.

Stay safe out there.


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