A Model for Exploration
Simulation Graphic of Exosuit ADS meets Falcon ROV during 2014 Barlow Expedition. Rendering by Tyler Thursby.


Donations benefit
Ocean Opportunity Inc., a 501(c)3
not for profit organization with
a mission to evolve
the art & science of the life aquatic
through effective communications
and inspired social change.

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Thanks to a recent Google for Non-profits award, Ocean Opportunity Inc. is soon to roll out its 'Earth | Get Connected' initiative in an all new way. Stay tuned for creative digital content communicating the many projects and programs we have embarked upon by way of sponsorship, endorsement, and civic engagement through outreach/educational programming.

Themes embedded throughout our journey include the following:

   .: The Exosuit Project | a Journey through Depth, Time, & Space get get RSS
   .: The Life Aquatic | an Evolution of the Human Element get RSS
   .: Dive in to an 'Ocean State' of Mind get RSS
   .: Summertime Blues | Sharks that Is get RSS
   .: An Anomolous Ocean | Squids, Jellies, and Aglo in the Dark get RSS
   .: Atlantis | has Risen, or is Rising? get RSS
   .: Mesophotic Exploration get RSS
   .: more to follow!

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